Pokemon Go HD remake haxor

Hello there good Italy! I am a user of the Norwegian GR and I have startet my own youtube channel and hope to get som viewers from around the world. This is my proposal for you guys and girls, and I hope you would have a space for me here in your community. I try to publish videos on youtube weekly, but I have a very time consuming job on the side as I run my own litle company in Norway. My videos are mainly in english, though my flow and accent is not what it used to be when I used the language at most, but I hope to get back in shape regarding that.

If there is some kind of restrictions to publishing videos and youtube links please let me know. I only propose to you because I would like to get more viewers and input to my channel. This is something that works for me and the Norwegian society on GR.

In any case, here is a link to my latest video
Remember to see it in 1080 HD, you know.. It kinda looks better, hehe.

And here is a link to my channel

Well, thanks for your time so far. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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