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US university offering degree in Esports Management

Including the "business side" of the industry.

  • Testo: Sam Bishop

In recent months and years we've seen more and more educational institutions move into esports, whether that be leagues or scholarships at a high school or college/university level, and now Becker College in the US is offering a Bachelor of Science in Esports Management, details of which you can find here.

This course focuses on the "business side" of esports, and students will "learn how to plan and execute small and large scale events utilizing the latest in streaming technology, develop business plans to develop teams, create online communities and promote events through digital technology. Students will also explore the culture of esports, its audience and fan base and four dominant game genres that make up the industry. Students will be taught through traditional face-to-face to classes with a potential for hybrid classes, for appropriate courses."

As mentioned, we've already seen schools and colleges move into esports with students competing, earning scholarships, and getting taught from a players' perspective, but this is rather unique in the sense that not a lot of courses offer an insight into the behind-the-scenes aspect, including management and organisation of events and teams.

Is this something that interests you?

Photo: ESL

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