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Olympic Esports Forum about "engagement" of communities

At least according to the IOC's director Kit McConnell.

  • Testo: Sam Bishop

As you may know, an esports forum is being hosted by Olympic officials this month, and now The Esports Observer has reported that this isn't necessarily about getting esports into the Olympics as such, but more about opening a discussion.

The International Olympic Committee's director Kit McConnell was the one who clarified this, saying that "it's more about the engagement of the two communities" than paving a straightforward path for esports at the event.

"For esports to be included in the Olympic program, first of all, we would have to deal with a single, recognized federation or body that represented the whole of the esports community, the same way we deal with FIFA for football, the IAAF for athletics, and so on," he says.

Violence was also discussed, as games about killing will not be included in the games full stop, with McConnell saying:

"That's why we want to have this forum. To explain why these values are so important to us, how they are reflected in everything we do, including the on-the-field sports competitions, our engagement with the athletes, our engagement with the governing bodies around the Olympics movement, and to understand it from the esports perspective."

We now know plenty of attendees for the forum, including the British Esports Association, the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, and even Se-yeon 'Geguri' Kim of Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons, as revealed on Twitter.

Are you excited to see what comes of this forum?


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