Dele Alli partners with Excel Esports

The Tottenham Hotspurs football star will join the organisation to help bridge the gap between sports, gaming and esports.

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English football star Dele Alli has partnered with British esports team Excel Esports. The partnership is set to provide a bridge between sports, gaming and esports, where Alli's prowess at Fortnite and experience in competing in the highest levels of sports are set to help the team expand.

Alli, who is also a brand ambassador for Excel's peripherals partner HyperX, has routinely shown his passion for esports and taking gaming onto the football pitch, with a series of Fortnite dances used to celebrate goals. With his experience in professional sports, Alli will help the Excel players become more accustomed to pressure by using his own psychological skill set to help them adapt.

"Everyone who knows me knows my biggest passion outside of football is gaming and after becoming increasingly involved in the industry over the past few years, it seemed like joining forces with an esports team was a natural step for me to take," said Dele Alli. "What drew me to EXCEL was the fact it's the biggest British esports brand in the country and competes at the top level of esports but as well as this, I love the fact the brand was born out of a passion for gaming and the values it upholds."

"My knowledge of being a competitive athlete is something I believe can really benefit EXCEL's roster of talent as they continue to strive to be better every single day but I'll also be looking to further my own knowledge and understanding of this truly exciting industry."

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Dele Alli partners with Excel Esports
Excel Esports

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