Uprising Academy announces its new roster

Boston Uprising's Academy team has some new names, and they've even already played together.

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The Academy team for the Boston Uprising has announced its new set of players for the recently started Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1: Korea - Trials tournament. The new set of individuals has already competed in a match that took place early yesterday morning, but as for the players on the roster, they are as follows:

  • Jeong-heon "ZEBAG" Lee as the Main Tank

  • Young-sun "GaeBullSsi" Yun as the Flex Tank

  • Jung-woo "Finale" Lim in the DPS role

  • Do-hyung "Stellar" Lee as another DPS

  • Gi-hun Oh "Victoria" Oh as the third DPS

  • Sungwon "Swoon" Jang in the Support position

  • Yeong-hun "FiXa" Kwon as a second Support

The roster also sees Won-jin "Garrincha" Park taking up the mantle of a Head Coach for the team for the time being.

As no contract information is out in the open, we don't know how long Boston has signed each of these individuals for. Right now, in the Trials - Korea tournament, the team has already been knocked out, following a 2-3 defeat at the hands of All From Academy, which does not exactly bode well for the chances of success in the more talented pool of Overwatch Contenders teams.


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