ESL Gaming partners with Network Next to deliver better network performance

The first game the two plans to partner on is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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ESL Gaming and Network Next has unveiled a new partnership that aims to boost network performance for ESL players. The first game on the cards to receive the treatment will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but more will likely follow.

"Over the last year, the pandemic has caused the esports landscape to dramatically change and we have seen concurrent user numbers soar," said Trevor Schmidt, Vice President of ESL Online. "We want to ensure that the growing fanbase continues to enjoy the best possible gaming experience, and we believe Network Next can help make that happen."

Network Next has been working on delivering premium network accessible to everyone for a while now. The organisation is looking to achieve its goals by linking networks together to create a new internet built on a neutral marketplace, where thousands of private networks compete on performance and price to carry traffic.

"The internet doesn't care about games," said Glenn Fiedler, founder and CEO of Network Next. "Gamers experience this every time they play and get bad network performance. At Network Next, we think this just isn't good enough, and it's our mission to fix this, not just for games, but for all applications that need better network performance than the internet can provide today."

More details about the partnership is slated to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

ESL Gaming partners with Network Next to deliver better network performance

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