WRC 10

2021 eSports WRC finals will take place this summer

The event will be held in Greece and Belgium.


Nacon and KT Racing has announced that the finals of the 2020 and 2021 eSports WRC finals will be taking place this summer. The event that is set to take place in Belgium and Greece, will see players compete in the 2020 tournament on WRC 9, and players competing in the 2021 tournament on WRC 10, which will be released on September 2.

The 2020 final will be taking place in Ypres, Belgium on August 14, and will see the eight already qualified finalists, and two to-be-announced wildcard players, competing for the victory.

The 2021 final is taking place in the Athens Olympic Velodrome on September 8, and will also feature eight qualified drivers, as well as a ninth driver, who will be selected after the end of the regular season based on their tournament results.

Both events are being supported by partners Playseat, Fanatec, BenQ, and FlexIT, with Toyota Gazoo being the title sponsor.

WRC 10

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